Letters to my abused children.
My children were used and abused by criminal, Anna Michalik and the legal system in Florida turned out to be nothing but racketeering to make money using and abusing children ( Angela Hoogeveen, Patricia Ann Muscarella, criminal acting as judge - Kimberly Campbell, Barbara Goiren - the legal gang operated in New Port Richey court ).

Perhaps the criminal Anna Michalik steal letters to my children, using and abusing them but one day they may grow up to read the crimes she committed against them and the family...

1 - September 2010 - Anna Michalik sold her family children and husband filling for divorce, for fraudulent sink hole insurance claim. She was exploited by her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferris who sucked Anna Michalik from her dirty money doing hearings for 4 years - 2011-2014 Read about years of Anna Michalik crimes and evidence.
All Letters to the children were stolen by Anna Michalik from 2010 when she filed for divorce to make money, so we started to place them on the internet in 2015 to help the children to be aware of the abuse and immoral crimes of Anna Michalik against her own children and family where the mother of Anna Michalik died in 2010 when she learn about the crimes of the daughter - Anna Michalik
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