Invitation to Vacation in Summer 2017
for Paulina, Lukasik and Karolina Jeczalik
As every year, you are invited for vacation this Summer.

This year we are going for vacation to see one of the biggest caverns in the world.
We are also going to sail from Port Richey harbor marina to Key West on original sail boat!

As every year you are always invited to go with us for vacation.
Gabrys worked with his dad all Summer and he made money for Dirt Bike.
We go for camping and we travel many states.
Andrea and Gabrys live with their father and they do not have to be used and abused like you are.
Karolina is 20 this year. She keeps writing with me however being 20 does not make her adult yet. She wrote me she has stolen letter from your dad to Paulina. She still is the victim of the abuse as she tries to please the criminal by stealing letters to Paulina.
4 years Ago Karolina wrote me big letter that money is the most important thing in the world. Poor Karolina, she tries to cover up the criminal and her crimes.

We all hope you can stand up for yourself against the criminal prostitute who sold you in divorce as money was more important than the family. Don't allow yourself to be abused and used by the criminal prostitute and we all hope you will enjoy vacation with us this summer o 2017.

Be free, Be Happy, Enjoy your life.
Tata. 727-945-3087