Happy 15 Birthday
Happy 15 Birthday to Paulinka !
May 31, 2017
As every year, we celebrate Paulinka's Birthday and we hope she can stand up for her rights to be with us against the use and abuse of the criminal who sold her in divorce to make money.

Babcia Eryka being disgusted by the criminal gave me all souvenirs as she does not want to look at the criminal any more.

I take care babcia Eryka as she was dying Summer 2015 from cancer and the criminal would not allow you to come and see your grandmother when she came to say good bye to you in Florida.

I come to Babcia every week and we enjoy the time she has left.

Babcia cry many time because of the crimes the criminal made against you and our family but we know when  you grow up you may find the courage to get away from the abuse and exploitation.

Andrea and Gabrys went to court and now they live with their father Zeljko as they were also used and abused by their mother - of course the same problem sucking money from everybody.

This year we got Paulinka Ring and earings with original blue diamonds.

We got large shower curtain, tote bag with the happy birthday oil painting I painted for her.

This Summer the charity gave us choice for vacation:
1 - cruise for 4 nights for 4 however Karolina said she is afraid and she does not want to go with us.
2 - Trip to Texas and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.
3 - Trip to Hawaii.
As always Paulina Karolina and Lukasik are always invited.

Last time you saw your grandfather, your dad and Malgosia was in 2012 when they came to liberate you from the criminal and we had great flood and we all had great fun swimming in front of the house!

I talk to my dad every weekend and we remember times when we all were together and how the criminal sold us all for money in the court.

In (2015) the criminal tried to put your dad to jail again trying to suck more money after stealing all there was and ruining his business, suspending driver license and making him homeless without income.

So Happy Birthday Paulinka!!!

The whole family feel sorry for your abuse and we all hope one day you will be free from the abuse and the evil.

We thank Karolina for sharing with us all what is going on for the past years. She even sends greetings for Fathers Day to your Dad. Thank you Karolina!

I build jacuzzi from stones as after years of this criminal damaged all income and there is no money but... the stones are very unique and it is great to get wet sitting among stony walls.

You got to try it one day...

Here I am when I was 2 years old and 48 years later at 50!!!

So the all family hope you look for the truth in life instead comforting lies where the criminal tries to give you.

Your Dad.

Port Richey, May 31, 2017

The truth may be sometimes unpleasant but it sets you free. We hope you become free one day and we know you can do it.