Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas 2016 and Happy New Year 2017
As every year, we celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and we hope you can stand up for your rights and find the courage to come and celebrate with us the great time.

We hope you can become free from  the use and abuse of the criminal who abused you for so many years.

It is 7 year since the criminal sold her family in the court but we hope you can stand up for yourself and you can reject the evil the criminal have caused you.

This year (2016) the criminal tried her crimes again trying to put your dad to jail and take his driver license. She goes to court and she lies she does not get money.

 If it is needed your dad will resist the criminal for you and if it is needed he is willing again to go to jail so the criminal will not get what she sold her family for. As Paulina wrote -  Jesus  rejected Judah who sold him for money. Yes, the criminal sold her own children for money as Judah sold Jesus about 2000 years ago and that is what we celebrating this Christmas - Saying no to the corrupted system who supports Judahs and we celebrate the resistance against the evil who is willing to sell for money her own children.

It will be 7 Year since the criminal killed her own mother.
We missed you on vacation again this year.

We enjoy vacations and we all are sorry you can not stand up for yourself but we hope you can stand up for yourself soon.

We still keep Paulina's present. The charity received your presents for the passed 7 years for which we received great vacation this year.
Gabrys and Andrea worked with their dad this summer. Gabrys bought himself dirt bike and we went for great vacation. We are all sorry you are still enslaved by the criminal that stop you for going on vacation with us.
Perhaps next your you can stand up for yourself and you can come with us for another great vacation.

Babcia Eryka cry many times because of the crimes the criminal made against you and our family but we know when you grow up you may find the courage to get away from the abuse and exploitation.

Last time you saw your grandfather, your dad and Malgosia was in 2012 when they came to liberate you from the criminal.

I talk to my dad every weekend and we remember times when we all were together and how the criminal sold us all for money in the court.

We hope you find happiness again in your life! Love overcomes the hate of the criminal...

So the all family hope you look for the truth in life instead comforting lies where the criminal tries to use you and abuse you.

Don't worry if the criminal steals this letter like all other letters from your Dad to you. Just go to the internet and see the internet address for the letters to you from your Dad.

The truth may be sometimes unpleasant but it sets you free. We hope you become free one day and we know you can do it.

Your Dad.

Port Richey, December, 2016
tel. 727-945-3087