Happy Easter 2016
As every year you are invited for your Easter Breakfast and Eastern Presents.

 We will celebrate next Sunday however you are always welcome at any time.
Thank you for sending your very unique letter - post card for my 50th Birthday!
As you can not see me, I understand that you are with your father in the spirit as you wrote about Jesus and God!!! That is very good sign that you are growing up and understanding the world better.
Karolina keeps writing with me all the time on the internet.
 The Jeczalik family has always hope so you may
stand up for yourself against the criminal who keeps you in prison as Jesus said that nobody can forbid you in seeing your father. One day you may be free!

I hope to see you on Easter Sunday and the following week.
Your Dad - Tata.
Tata - 727-945-3087