We Boycott these for unethical, imorral practices.
The Huntington National Bank - would not close dead persons bank account allowing theft of money and all bank charges until most money was gone.
I asked huntington Bank to close my dead mothers' bank account after her death. They refused for after 7 months. I sent sent them many letter with death certificates and all the forms required - they refused to close the bank account and it was mostly drained from any funds for bank fees and other charges that Huntington Bank allow to steal openly from the dead's person bank account allowing all charges to a dead person.

Damages caused by Huntngton Bank are amounted to $5000.00.
I boycot Huntington Bank for unethical and immoral practices that more likely are just criminal in nature. T. J.

Update: 3-11-2019
The Huntington National Bank allow the theft of all funds admiting on the last statement drainig all money from dead person and refusing return the money to the family.
As of 03-11-2017 - damages $6000.00

We boycott the crimes of
The Huntington National Bank