Case No.: 51-2010-DR-5308-WS
Division: Z1
                    ANNA MICHALIK,

                        TED JECZALIK


Respondent, Ted Jeczalik files these Objections for Angela Hoogeveen Report and Recommendation from 08-09-2012 and states as follows:

On  August 15, 2012, Ted Jeczalik received Report and Recommendation of General Magistrate Angela Hoogeveen where Angela Hoogeveen shows Prejudice, Discrimination and possible Corruption against Ted Jeczalik. In her hearings and recommendation to the court, angela Hoogeveen showed her siding again with her colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis:

A.    Angela Hoogeveen was submitted in 2011 by Ted Jeczalik to Florida Bar for numerous acts of discrimination, prejudice and possible corruption including unequal distribution of marital asset, therefore Ted Jeczalik in his original objections from June 22th, 2012 for Order of Referral to General Magistrate by Circuit Judge Patricia Muscarella and Notice of Hearing Before General Magistrate from June 20, 2012 objected to any hearing by General Magistrate Angela Hoogeveen.

Despite objection and no consent of Ted Jeczalik to any further hearing by Angela Hoogeveen submitted to the Court on June 22nd, 2012 Angela Hoogeveen violated the law by conducting hearing against Ted Jeczalik therefore all recommendation by Angela Hoogeveen are without any legal merit.

B.   Angela Hoogeveen again displayed discrimination, prejudice and possible corruption against Ted Jeczalik showing  siding with her colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis where all forged documents and incorrect information submitted by Audrey A. Jefferis were taken by Angela Hoogeveen despite constant objection of the victim, Ted Jeczalik.

C.   All evidence of crimes by Anna Michalik were not accepted by Angela Hoogeveen at this illegal hearing showing again siding with her colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis where Angela Hoogeveen accepted all incorrect information of Audrey A. Jefferis and all objections by Ted Jeczalik were ignored.

D.   All motions and evidence showing Anna Michalik crimes were ignored by Angela Hoogeveen showing her prejudice, discrimination and possible corruption.

Angela Hoogeveen placed again incorrect information in her Recommendation of General Magistrate:

Another discrimination, prejudice and possible corruption of Angela Hoogeveen is display in her latest Recommendation of General Magistrate:

1.   In point D Angela Hoogeveen placed incorrect information that about Ted jeczalik behavior. Angela Hoogeveen again not admitted Ted Jeczalik Clean Bill of health from his 2012 Physical Examination however she submitted all lies of Audrey A. Jefferis about Ted Jeczalik alleged mental problems siding again with her colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis. All lies about Ted Jeczalik are not true and Ted Jeczalik does not have to go to any psychological evaluation but the petitioner has to go for psychological evaluation as she was ordered by the court in 2011.

2.   In point E. Angela Hoogeveen lies that Respondent did not provide any evidence that the Petitioner should be required to submit to psychological evaluation. The Respondent, Ted Jeczalik stated many times that the petitioner, Anna Michalik behavior, violence and criminal acts against the family and Ted Jeczalik are ground for mental evaluation for the Petitioner. All evidence against Anna Michalik crimes were ignored by Angela Hoogeveen.

3.   In point F Angela Hoogeveen has knowledge's about child abuse by Anna Michalik, the Petitioner and for almost 2 years Angela Hoogeveen gives blind eye for child abuse and lies of the Petitioner about not receiving child support. After all that unethical, immoral behavior of Angela Hoogeveen she asks in her Order For Supervised Visitation for $25.00  per  per visitation to be paid by Ted Jeczalik to see the his own children! The father has only 2 hours to see the children per week! This is unprecedented brake of basic human manners by Angela Hoogeveen who is clearly in the pocket of paid lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis. This is being forwarded again again to the federal and state authorities to stop this corruption, prejudice and discrimination by Angela Hoogeveen and her colleague lawyers Audrey A. Jefferis and the Judge Patricia Muscarella who would refuse to see the evidence of crime by Anna Michalik and all objections and evidence submitted by Ted Jeczalik.

4.   In point G Angela Hoogeveen again goes along what her colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis and Anna Michalik lie about some demeanor that was erratic but Child abuse, lies about not receiving child support for 2 years was ignored and is still ignored by Angela Hoogeveen and her colleagues, the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella. It is Anna Michalik who should have all parental rights because of her child abuse and lies in the court of law.

5.   in point H Angela Hoogeveen submitted again lie that on May 17, 2011 the Respondent was ordered to pay $1500.00 and the Respondent places for one year many motions stating that stipulation ( agreement) was violated by Anna Michalik and Ted Jeczalik can not pay $1500.00 per month as his 2011 income tax statement is for less then $5000.00 therefor such schemes of Audrey a. Jefferis extorting money in the court of law are not acceptable as Ted Jeczalik limited income tax does not support to pay any more then Florida Guidelines for his income that is $305.00 per month.

6.  in point I. Angela Hoogeveen lies again that Ted Jeczalik can pay more child support and alimony when in fact the income and ability can not permit to pay any more then Florida Guidelines. Angela Hoogeveen is involved in legal extortion for her colleague Audrey A. Jefferis who covers her client Anna Michalik all crimes including child abuse, fraud, forged signature, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud and money extortion from Ted Jeczalik.
Ted Jeczalik object legal lies and extortion of money by Angela Hoogeveen on behalf of her colleague Audrey a. Jefferis and Anna Michalik.
Total income of Ted Jeczalik was submitted to the court and it does not support any increase in child support or additional alimony for Anna Michalik who refuse to work on regular basis and use the children as tool to extort money from the husband.
Anna Michalik received all marital assets and she has the ability to pay alimony to the husband who was left homeless because of her violence and abuse.

7.   Angela Hoogeveen admitted again all lies and with all objection by Ted Jeczalik is forwarding the lies to the court.

a - Angela Hoogeveen lie about $5000.00 per month income by Respondent. She has no evidence and repeats lies of Audrey a. Jefferis going along all lies of Audrey A. Jefferis.

b - in point b Angela Hoogeveen lies about the marriage being moderate - term as she again refuse submit all crimes, violence and money extortion of Anna Michalik during the marriage.

c - Angela Hoogeveen again omitted all the facts that the wife violence and abuse of the husband and children should be the cause of marriage break down.

d - Angela Hoogeveen recommendation made unequal distribution awarding the wife all assets leaving the husband homeless. Angela Hoogeveen recommendation made unequal distribution of assets yet she states that equitable distribution has not been finalized as she tries to extort more money for her colleague Audrey A. Jefferis and her client Anna Michalik. Then she refers to paragraph I for pure lies of some imaginable fraudulent evidence being prepared by Anna Michalik and her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis.

e - in point e Angela Hoogeveen again refers to her lies about imaginable income but not the real income tax submitted by ted Jeczalik. Angela Hoogeveen clearly is trying to extort money from Ted Jeczalik when there is no money available just her lies and deception about none existed income in paragraph I she wrote with many lies but the evidence of true income

f - in point f, Angela Hoogeveen again lies when she states that the petitioner assisted the respondent when in fact Anna Michalik was involved in fraud stealing money from the Respondent business including stealing money by issuing business checks with forged signature of Ted Jeczalik, Credit Card Fraud, using children in the court for 2 years to extort $1500.00 per month including the latest alimony she tries to extort from none existing income of the respondent.

g - in point g, Angela Hoogeveen again is involved of cover up major evidence that anna Michalik is involved in Child abuse not allowing the children to see the father, claiming bogus mental instability when in fact the children suffer because of her hate and mental abuse she presented for many years. Angela hoogeveen covered up the main crime of Anna Michalik with child abuse and lying in the court of not receiving child support when in fact she received child support every month.

h - in point h, angela Hoogeveen again awards additional money for alimony and child support with full knowledge that the Respondent can not pay such bogus high payments and she is aware or the real income that was submitted to the court yet she refuse to stop her prejudice and discrimination against her victim, Ted Jeczalik.

i - in point i Angela Hoogeveen refers again to point I where she covers up the truth and evidence that true income of Ted Jeczalik can not support the legal extortion of Anna Michalik and Audrey A. Jefferis.

j - in point j, Angela Hoogeveen lies again as she states there is no other factors for justice and equity and she is solely responsible for unequal distribution of assets and hardship, low income of Ted Jeczalik by her injustice, prejudice, discrimination and possible corruption that was also brought by Angela Hoogeveen other victims to Ted Jeczalik.

K - in point K, Angela Hoogeveen lies again by stating that she has evidence of some bogus income of Ted jeczalik where in fact the true income was submitted to the court and is less then $5000.00 for 2011.
Angela Hoogeveen clearly lies stating she has evidence of  $5000.00 per month when in fact the true income of Ted jeczalik was below poverty line at less then $5000.00 per year ( 2011).

L. in point L Angela Hoogeveen continues her discrimination, prejudice, possible corruption including additional untrue income and requests for more child support when she is well aware of true income of Ted Jeczalik. Ted Jeczalik income submitted to the court was less then $5000.00 for 2011 and Angela Hoogeveen wants close to $2000.00 per month to be awarded to the petitioner. This is unprecedented corruption on behalf of individual working in the court as General Magistrate. The victims of Angela Hoogeveen contacted Ted Jeczalik with similar outrages behavior of Angel Hoogeveen This should be stopped as the society can not afford to have criminals running court system like Angela Hoogeveen with her prejudice, open discrimination and corrupted mind.

M. In point M. Angela Hoogeveen openly lies, placing blind eye for all crimes of anna Michalik that was presented in several motions showing the extortion, money fraud, forge signature, waist of marital assets and the use of children to gain monetary profits. Total blind eye of individual who suppose to be in the side of blind justice. This is break of society when such individual like Angela Hoogeveen does damage and supports corrupted lawyers like Audrey A. Jefferis and extortion of criminal Anna Michalik who's crimes are more important that her family and children.

Wherefore, Respondent respectfully requests that this Honorable Court:

    Stop Angela Hoogeveen from all proceedings in this case and all other cases as she clearly display many years of prejudice, discrimination and possible corruption an behalf of paid lawyers like Audrey A. Jefferis.

Allow the evidence of criminal activity by the Petitioner by not canceling Respondent's Motion to Compel filed on 04/05/12 being block by prejudice, discrimination and possible corruption of Angela Hoogeveen. This motion shows that Petitioner Anna Michalik is involved in criminal activities and she is responsible for marriage brake.

Stop the fraud with Petitioner Motion for psychological Evaluation.

Stop any additional fraud with lists of any psychologists to the Respondent.

Stop any additional fraud of petitioner with psychological evaluation before September 30, 2012.

Respondent does not have any means of paying for any psychological fraud of Petitioner and will not accept any additional fraud in this matter.

Allow the Respondent to exercise his legal right to object  and refuse the fraud of Petitioner's psychological evaluation.

Stop any appointment of Guard ad Litem as the father has no means to pay for unconstitutional fraud of the Petitioner stopping or restricting him  and the children from seeing each other as this child abuse has been implemented by the Petitioner for many years.

Stop changing any other Judge in this case s the Judge, Patricia A Muscarella has been assign to this case and is responsible for continuing the prejudice, discrimination and injustice of Angela Hoogeveen.

Allow the Respondent Counter Motion for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem.

Stop the fraudulent activity of Petitioner's Motion for Temporary Relief.

Stop the Petitioner from any parental responsibility including child support.

Stop the unconstitutional and Human Rights violation by Angela Hoogeveen, Audrey A. Jefferis and Anna Michalik efforts to continue the child abuse by not allowing the children and the father to see each other.

Stop the Fraud of Respondent to extort additional money from the Husband as alimony or additional child support.

Stop the unconstitutional request to pay child support to any government institution, instead directly to the children as it is being done for many years.

Allow the constitutional right for the Respondent to object to additional extortion of money by allowing the Respondent's Counter Motion for temporary Relief.

Allow the Respondent's Counter Motion to Compel Disclosure.

Does not reserve jurisdiction on the issue of attorney's  fees as the Petitioner received all marital assets and she has the means to pay for her own lawyer she hired.

Add to proceedings motions:


   B.  Counter Petition for Expedited Dissolution of Marriage and Other Relief.

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